Presented by:
Suzanne Feeney
they | she

Yara Clark
she | her

Tyler Durbin
he | him

The campaign to end the Deadly Exchange captures the revolutionary spirit by highlighting the historic and contemporary relationships of solidarity and activist organizing between Black and Palestinian communities transnationally from intersecting struggles against militarized policing and racial control.

Dr. King was a fierce critic of the way in which Zionism impacted the lived realities of Palestinians through the establishment of the State of Israel and its subsequent policies and military control of Palestinian lives. He’s visited Palestine and witnessed this for himself, where contemporary commentator Marc Lamont Hill explores in his research and writings.

We will help spread awareness about the Deadly Exchange, the cooperation and exchanges between US police and Israeli occupation forces, and how this contemporary campaign and struggle highlights intersecting solidarity struggles for oppressed peoples locally and transnationally.

Suzanne Feeney, Yara Clark, and Tyler Durbin are board members of Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights (SUPER).

Audience: Community, Educators, Human Rights / Social Justice Professionals, Young Adults (14+)