Presented by:

Victoria Matey
She | Her | Ella

The Criminalization, Exploitation, and Disposal of Immigrants in terms of history, policy, and the media. This is an extended version of my first TEDx Talk. We have to look at language, policies, institutions to understand the structural system racism forced upon immigrants and undocumented immigrants. Furthering my research on exploitation and detention this workshop is to advance your understanding of the ideologies and institutions that criminalize, exploit, and dispose of immigrants. This workshop will help you view those ideologies and institutions through a different lens to better critically understand the context of US history and undocumented immigrants.

Dangerous Unselfishness comes with years of dedication to your work. In my case being an educator in the immigrant movement. It becomes dangerous over time because many people fighting for justice are seen as threats to white supremacy. I recognized that the more attention we, as a community, had the stronger and more resilient we became. Attention is power. Attention comes with hardships and risks. Dangerous unselfishness comes with making decisions and using your power to speak up against white supremacy. A revolutionary spirit is aware that it is so much larger than the self, it’s a life long journey of community and re/learning. In this presentation I am sharing what I have learned over time doing this work, challenging people to think about their impact and sharing pieces of myself that I’ve picked up along the way on this journey. I have been speaking for seven years and every time I do I am putting myself at risk. I have trust in this community to protect and organize with the immigrant community–we need to be setting an example for the rest of the United States as a border city.

I want folks to walk away feeling like they have a role in the immigrant movement. I hope to inspire people to want to learn more about undocumented issues and immigrant issues overall. We as a collective have a responsibility to immigrants in our community, especially as a border city. My goal is to always create an intentional space to ask questions and learn. I do this by being authentic and vulnerable in hope that others feel comfortable engaging with this work. I end my presentations by asking, “What are WE going to do about it?” People need to know this actively impacts them too.

Materials to bring: Paper and pen/pencil

Victoria Matey (she/her/ella)–I’m a 27-year-old creator. Hoping to be a 70-year-old creator someday. Creator of ideas, thoughts, dreams. Daydreamed my early 20s through Business school trying to understand my role in the world as a first-generation queer undocumented womxn. Currently, Host of a Shot of Truth Podcast–a podcast created for undocumented people. I love working with people and learning in community. During my free time, I like cooking, reading, and lifting weights. I have released two TEDx talks and have been speaking all over the country and internationally for several years. My goal in life is to heal myself, have fun, and help others.

Audience: Community, Educators, Human Rights / Social Justice Professionals, Young Adults (14+)