Presented by:

Fiafialaui’a Esther
they | she

Who is a Healing Talanoaga? A Virtual Fala dedicated to protocol, check-ins, and talking story. Please join in if you need a space to talk and listen to process current events, histories, and/or visioning new futures/Worlds/Universes! Healing Talanoaga is simple yet profound important practice that honors each person, actively listening, and personal storytelling. Talanoagas are vital spaces for all to speak their truths and to practice listening as a healing tool.

This space is dedicated to all people to speak their truths. A space to dialogue, vision and heal together reminds me of Dr. King’s ideals of we can’t end one oppression without ending them all.

This space is open to all!

Fiafialaui’a Esther is living on the Traditional Territories of Lummi Nation (Bellingham, Wa, USA). They/She is one of four recipients of Western Washington University’s Fairhaven College Adventure Learning Grant, an independent study aboard program of their own design. Their grant is titled “(Koviki Remix-Stayin’) Going Home: Reconnecting with Water, Land, Language, Culture, and Soul.” She originally planned to travel to Samoa for 10 months to reconnect with indigeneity and to address the impacts of assimilation, intergenerational trauma, and the climate emergency. Due to Covid-19, her trip is postponed, and they are learning to adapt online safely and intentionally. One of the ways, Fia is hosting a virtual “Healing Talanoaga” every Wednesday from 1p-4p PST till June 2021, a space dedicated to protocol, check-ins, and talking story. The event is open to all! Fiafialaui’a grant, education, work, and life plan is centered on love, healing, forgiveness, celebration, and liberation for All Life from systems, mindsets, and ways of oppression.  Fia identifies as “Survivor Thriver Fa’afaQueer Indigenous Samoan Chinese German American WomXn- Artist Poet Writer Scholar Healer – Spiritual Leader Earth Child- ‘Angelic Troublemaker’ Peacemaker Silly Serious- Poor Working-Class Boss- Capricorn Year of the Horse- ‘Highly Functioning Introvert’ INFP Type- Oldest Daughter Sistah Cuzzin Niece Aunty friend- Tree Hugger Earthseed Believer & Just-A-Soul-Having-A-Human-Experience.

Audience: Community, Educators, Human Rights / Social Justice Professionals, Young Adults (14+)