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Kristina Michele
She | Her

Unselfishness.: I think that I personally am embodying the idea of Dangerous Unselfishness by opening myself and my personal experiences in an attempt to help educate non BIPOC people on the daily struggles of being BIPOC.

Dr. King was a fierce advocate of education and I believe that is the only effective avenue we have to get the American population out of its current situation. By educating those who don’t know what the daily struggles are.

I think this presentation will help to open a dialogue that non-BIPOC people are hungry for. There are so many questions that 2020 has brought to the surface for people who haven’t been affected by generational racism and I understand that there needs to be an outlet for these questions and feelings. I think this session will help to open the door to discussions we need to be having as a country.

Kristina Michele is a native San Diegan who was raised by a single mother doing everything she could to keep her family fed and housed. When Kristina turned 7, her mom decided to go to college. There, she earned a degree in English with two minors in History and Spanish. This ignited Kristina’s drive for knowledge and dogged determination, as her home was filled with the energy of learning. In her youth, Kristina was active in theater companies, youth sports, church activities and work as a camp counselor. After graduating high school, Kristina worked in restaurants for over a decade while taking classes in criminal justice, theater, education and psychology.

Kristina currently works as a Real Estate Agent with Coldwell Banker Bain and has found a plethora of events and activities to keep her active in the community. She started a local singing competition called Bellingham Idol and has created radio shows for local community stations. Kristina is the founder of the Mission Accomplished? social media platform which main focus is shedding light on local community equity projects and also creates their own content. Mission Accomplished? most recently published a series of Voter Education Videos for the local 2020 general elections and they will continue to bring relevant and local information to the masses. Kristina was also a co-host of a local TV show called The Bellingham Tonight Show, interviewing local community leaders and people running for office. She also did work with the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce and moderated the book “So You Want To Talk About Race” with members, and is the co-founder of the currently under construction Whatcom County Racial Equity Commission.

Audience: Community, Educators, Human Rights / Social Justice Professionals, Young Adults