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Josefina Mora
she | her | hers

Jenn Mason
she | her | hers

Our workshop is centered around defining topics that have been taboo in our society, and have begun to be reclaimed and defined more clearly. Pleasure and sex positivity have many components that have been developed by the most oppressed communities, reflecting the ideals of their communities. Under the framework of a sex positive world, everyone has access to pleasure, and everyone respects the boundaries that individuals place in their lives. Our workshop will be a guide for individuals to be able to practice respecting these values and creating communities where boundaries, consent, bodies, preferences are all accepted and valued, which can apply to everyday life.

Our workshop centers the ideas and experiences of some of the most oppressed communities. The original thinkers of inclusive sex positivity and revolutionary pleasure come from Black women and Black Trans people. Dr. King’s ideals include the idea that allyship would be critical in being able to fight for an end to racism. With this in mind, we are working so that our workshop will be a space where not only will folks learn about sex positivity, but how to have a framework that is truly inclusive and prioritizes oppressed communities, such as Black, Indigenous People of Color, and trans, nonbinary and queer people.

Our workshop will be some presenting for the sake of definitions, but we will rely on collaboration of participants to guide how to best to integrate what they learn into everyday conversations and practices. Communities’ experiences is what most informs their perspectives and will drive the best way to apply the suggestions that we share. Becoming a sex positive advocate will go further than just improving one’s sexual interactions, the primary goal of sex positivity is to accept pleasure outside of a traditional capitalist framework- people can learn to love food, rest, games, anything that our society deems as “a waste of time” or “unproductive.” This hopefully will inspire many to rethink what pleasure is and how we can accept it more widely, as well as learn to not judge others for their worth when thinking about productivity.

Josefina Mora is assistant retail, education and outreach manager at WinkWink Boutique. She is passionate about sharing knowledge around pleasure, sex education, and prioritizing the pleasure of queer, trans, people of color. Josefina is a recent graduate of Western Washington University.

Jenn Mason is the owner of WinkWink and a certified Sex Coach. Prior to opening WinkWink, she worked with survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence for over a decade. She’s spent her whole career talking about different sides of sex and intimacy, and is passionate about banishing sexual shame and stigma. Jenn has a B.A. from Western Washington University, M.P.A. from Seattle University

Audience: Community, Educators, Human Rights / Social Justice Professionals