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Harmony Devaney
She | Her | Hers

Malachi Ledbetter
He | Him | His

Dominic Salas
He | Him | His

We want to have an open discussion while doing art. In specific, we’ll have members of our team engage with members of the local youth community telling their stories relating to our map of racism in Whatcom County within the last 20 years. We will paint, draw, sculpt, or any other physical medium. This relates to recapturing the revolutionary spirit by creating a space for our BIPOC youth to discuss what it’s like living in Bellingham, and for anyone who is interested in learning about our experiences. This should highlight the amount of work that we have yet to tackle, while creating unity among this generation.

This relates to Dr. King’s value of non-violence by approaching a tense/uncomfortable conversation with a creative outlet of your choosing. This relates to Dr. King’s value of Hope and Education by creating unity in this next generation, learning from each other, and creating a therapeutic art piece that then can represent these values.

By creating unity amongst our participants, we will engage, inspire, and empower them to look towards a hopeful tomorrow; the fight isn’t over but it’s not fought alone. This is what we hope the finished art piece will reflect as we continue to fight injustice, inequality, and hate.

Materials to bring: Art supplies of your choice, here’s some examples: paper, colored pencils, watercolor, paint, brushes, scissors, clay, knitting/yarn, crochet, whatever you like. Bring your own coffee!

Harmony Devaney is an 18 year old indigenous youth activist, member of the Whatcom Focused Youth Movement (WFYM), and currently sits on the board for WHRTF. Harmony has lived in Bellingham her whole life and currently attends Ferndale High School.

Malachi Ledbetter is an 18 year old Ferndale High School graduate. Malachi was born in the other Washington (DC), and raised in Maryland. He has lived in Whatcom County for about a year and a half, and is a member of WFYM.

Dominic Salas is a member of WFYM and was born in Bellingham. Dominic graduated from Whatcom Community College last spring, and is an activist for social justice. He is 20 years old.

Audience: Young Adults (14+)