Presented by Dr. Breyan Haizlip

What do White parents need to know about raising Black/Brown children? How do White parents support healthy racial identity development? Going with the mindset that a black child is no different from any other child is a naiveté the adoptive parents cannot afford. As of 2016, 73% percent of all adopted children of color are adopted into White families. As Transracial Adoptions increase in the US, so does the need for White parents and families to have opportunities to discuss the unique familial issues related to racial identity development. This workshop is designed to offer 12 strategies that support raising racial/ethnic minority children that have a healthy sense of racial identity.

About the Presenter:

Dr. Bre is a Psychology professor at Western Washington University and Owner/Founder of Momentum Counseling & Consulting, LLC. ( and Whatcom Diversity Academy. With over a decade of international and national experience as a professor, counselor, Diversity & Inclusion consultant, and coach, she draws from a broad range of interdisciplinary research to deepen awareness and access to healing at the energetic level of trauma and depression. She has been a university professor in both the United States and in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Dr. Bre holds subject matter expertise in Multicultural Psychology, Qualitative Research, and the study of Culture and Consciousness. As an author, her writing and scholarship emphasizes the intersectionality of culture and formation of the identity. Her work aims to deconstruct barriers that impede identity formation and awakening of the deepest self. This work has resulted in the opportunity to speak with over 150 national and international audiences, through academic publications, and corporate & NPO trainings, seminars, and workshops. In her private practice, she specializes across a broad range of mental wellness issues.

Primary Audience: adults – community, educators, human rights or social justice professionals

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