Presented by Exquisite Erika, MSW, LSWAIC and Stevona Burks, M.Ed.

Living in a highly divided, violent society, we must examine our won values to understand the definite meaning of Dr. King’s vision of “revolution of values”, which will set the foundation for the next generation to come. Both Stevona Burks and Exquisite Erika will collaborate to highlight and acknowledge the significant depth of Dr. King’s reflections within his “…A Time to Break Silence” address. Dr. King’s speech promoted both unexpected standards and realizations for which remain unresolved in the United States. Dr. King’s statements will be reviewed with and returned to participants for meditation and consideration.

With a deep compassion for self-reflection we’ll offer deep meaning into one’s ability to awake hidden values which deploy positive future directions. There will be opportunities for participants to creatively identify, reconnect with and transform their own values based upon Dr. King’s ideals, while courageously accepting their range (or lack) values as it pertains to “Breaking Silence”. Participants will be welcomed to learn from one another, taking what they’d like and leaving the rest.

About the Presenters:

Exquisite Erika, MSW, LSWAIC, is a recent Bellingham resident, born and raised in San Francisco Bay Area (Oakland, CA), continually dedicated to reflecting on and entertaining the dreams of Her unresolved Ancestors. She is committed to Black Excellence; Black People, Black reality, Black history, Black resilience. As liberation practitioner, She enthusiastically applies time, energy, focus and principle to ensuring Her actions, intentions and presentations (within the community and elsewhere) are concentrated on freedom of mind and spirit.

Stevona Burks, M.Ed., has become a liaison for working class families living in project housing, parent leader, and advocate at her children’s school, addressing issues of inequities and equity in the education system. Her goals are to promote more diversity trainings for educators and staff within the school district to ensure each child have equitable access to education, break down stereotypes and barriers as a collective community. She is also an active Board of Directors member at Whatcom Family and Community Network.

Primary Audience: adults – general, educators, human rights or social justice professionals; youth – ages 3+

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