Terrance (he/they) has spent his entire career serving the community. Growing up in Chicago, Terrance developed a passion for social justice at the age of 11. Terrance leadership started by serving as a Youth Community Facilitator with the Rainbow Push Coalition under the leadership of Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. During his university years Terrance worked with Equality Nation and Great Circle where he worked with LGBTQA homeless youth in the DC metro area, later to work with Youth Services Center Juvenile detention center in Washington, D.C.

In 2012 Terrance settled down in St. Louis, MO where he worked with at-risk homeless youth. providing practical support and guidance to his clients, assisting them with benefits and healthcare and creating support plans.  After the death of Michael Brown Terrance and his partner decided to move to Bellingham. After a short time living in Bellingham, he brought the community together by diving into hard conversations and willingness to lean in. He works as an Adolescent Housing Services Program Manager with Northwest Youth Services and is the founder of Bellingham Unity Committee. You can see his work in action with the 5,000+ attending Solidarity Rally, Ascendants of the Movement Black History, Bellingham Juneteenth and the Unity Ball.