Presented by Victoria Matey Mendoza

Shot of Truth Podcast presents, “The Criminalization, Exploitation and Disposal of Immigrants,” as an opportunity to engage in critical thinking about language, polices, politicians and the current immigration movement. As an undocumented Grassroots journalist I have had the opportunity to engage in this dialogue with people throughout the country. This workshop will give you the opportunity to think bigger outside of our personal stories and engage in unpacking how this humanitarian crisis was created intentionally by politicians and people in power.

About the Presenter

Host of A Shot of Truth Podcast and TEDx SpeakerVictoria Matey Mendoza is an Undocumented Queer Womxn of Color dedicated to working with her community. She has been speaking for several years on the immigration movement.

Primary Audience

Adults: Community, Educators, Human Rights / Social Justice Professionals
Youth: Teens (13-18)