Presented by Jenn Mason and Josefina Mora

Join Jenn Mason, owner of WinkWink, and Josefina Mora, assistant manager of WinkWink, in a conversation about sex-positive parenting. For many children, the topics of sex, relationships, and consent have been heavily stigmatized or ignored. This learning sessions focuses on experiences, thoughts, and tools that new/old/future adults can use to promote healthy and shame-free conversations with children in their lives.

About the Presenters

Jenn Mason is the owner of WinkWink Boutique. Mason is currently a member of the Bellingham School board, and was formerly the development and education director at DVSAS.

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Josefina Mora is currently the assistant education, outreach and retail manager for WinkWink Boutique, as well as a recent graduate from WWU.

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Primary Audience

Adults: Community