Hosted by Bellingham Public Schools

Bellingham Public Schools and the Whatcom Human Rights Task Force are partners in Joining Hands Against Hate.  We recognize that it’s not enough to say all students should be cared for and respected. As a community, we need to be collectively committed to disrupting racism, advocating for those who have been marginalized, and advancing equity in our schools.

An affinity group gives students who share similar experiences, identities, interests, or goals an opportunity to talk about issues that are relevant to them. Affinity groups allow people to practice talking about difficult issues. By creating safe spaces, affinity groups give us a chance to have courageous conversations with people who are like us before joining dialogue with mixed groups. This year’s affinity group sessions are organized around race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation. Students who consider themselves multiracial may choose any affinity group where they feel they belong. 

Bellingham Public Schools is hosting the affinity group sessions; however, the sessions are open to ALL Whatcom County high school students.

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About the facilitators

Facilitators Aramis Johns, Kelly Boyer, Kendra Webley, Bethany Barrett, Analisa Lazaro-Sanchez, Jared Ibarra, Bruce Mansfield, abd Lindsay MacDonald are educators in the Bellingham Public Schools.

Primary Audience

This session is open to high school students.