Presented by A. Longoria, Ph.D.

This workshop discussion seeks to engage participants in a dialogue about movement building, knowledges, and values around supporting Queer people in contemporary society. In nurturing a revolution of values, attendees will be asked to think on and, perhaps, rethink what they know about LGBTQ people and their experiences today.  This is not a space for policing language nor debating the existence of Queer people, rather a space to learn about and think about ways to support Queer people through contemporary resistance to Queer identities following the U.S. Supreme Court Obergefell v. Hodges decision.

Participants will have opportunities to share testimonios, engage in dialogue, and hear tools and resources to support Queer people through contemporary societal and legal opposition to their very existence. The workshop will include brief overviews and opportunities for discussion of supportive and oppositional policies on Queer bodies, especially trans and non-binary identities.

About the Presenter:

A. Longoria, Ph.D. is faculty in Secondary Education at Western Washington University

Primary Audience: adults – general, educators, human rights or social justice professionals

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