We set a goal to recruit 45 new grassroots donors by next Tuesday and we’re almost halfway there. Donate just $3 today to the Democracy Defense Fund.

Why are we building up this fund? Because we know that when we demonstrate a united front, we can hold the line against organized attacks on our democracy. It’s not about how much money you give, it’s about demonstrating our collective power.

Right now, we’re looking ahead to this high-stakes election. Here’s what we’re doing to prepare:

  • Organizing a strong and aligned message from our government leaders in opposition to white nationalism and political violence.
  • Educating elected officials and social movement leaders on white nationalists and how they sow division in our community. 
  • Tracking movements of organized alt-right extremists and getting ahead of their plans.

Join our movement to defend democracy and prevent political violence — no matter what happens on November 3 — with a donation today.

We saw our collective power when Portlanders easily out-organized Proud Boys in September, putting on events standing up for Black lives, challenging hate groups, and educating about the history of Vanport City, the historic Black community insultingly chosen as the rally site.

Anti-democratic groups try and fail to use our differences to divide us because we are building a culture of caring and inclusion.

When we are united in our response, we can shift the story and we can win. Send a message that we’re ready: make a contribution to the democracy defense fund today.

– Eric

Eric K. Ward
Executive Director, Western States Center

P.S. We know that these are challenging political, emotional and economic times. Even if you can’t make a donation, you can help us defend democracy. Read how.